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Kuwait Times, Mon, Jun 10, 2024 | Dhu al-Hijjah 4, 1445

Municipal Council nominates, honors committee members

Kuwait: The Municipal Council, in its first extraordinary session of the third session of the thirteenth legislative term on Sunday, chaired by Abdullah Al-Mehri, honored all members of the main and sub-committees. At the beginning of its session, the Council approved the minutes of the twentieth ordinary meeting of the second session of the thirteenth legislative term of the Municipal Council on the third of June this year.

The Council commended the members of the technical committee by selecting Munira Al-Amir as chairman and Abdullah Al-Anezi as rapporteur, while Dr Hassan Kamal, Fahad Al-Khunain, Alia Al-Farsi, Abdullatif Al-Daei, and Khalid Al-Mutairi were all recommended as members. The members of the Council also recommended that the legal and financial committee choose Fahad Al-Abduljader as chairman and Walid Al-Dagher as rapporteur. Sharifa Al-Shalfan, Ismail Behbehani, and Khaled Al-Mutairi are members of the committee.

He approved the recommendation of the members of the Environmental Affairs Committee to choose Alia Al-Farsi as chairman, Sharifa Al-Shalfan as rapporteur, Walid Al-Dagher, Abdullah Al-Anezi, and Fahad Al-Khunain as members, as well as Saud Al-Kandari as chairman of the Objections and Complaints Committee; Fahad Al-Abduljader as rapporteur, and Ismail Behbehani, Saud Al-Kandari, and Nassar Al-Azmi as committee members.

The Council recommended Farah Al-Rumi as chairman of the Engineering Professions Committee, Abdullatif Al-Daei as rapporteur, Munira Al-Amir, Ismail Behbehani, and Dr Hassan Kamal as members, while the members of the Reform and Development Committee recommended choosing Abdul Latif Al-Daei as chairman, Ismail Behbehani as rapporteur, Sharifa Al-Shalfan, Farah Al-Rumi, and Alia Al-Farsi as members. They also nominated members of the sub-committees of the governorates in accordance with Article XXVI of Law No (2016/33) on the municipality of Kuwait, selecting 5 members for each committee belonging to the six different governorates.

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