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Kuwait Times, Sat, Jan 20, 2024 | Rajab 8, 1445

NBK warns customers of storing sensitive info on smartphones

Kuwait: As part of its consistent efforts to promote financial culture and awareness among all segments of society, National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) continues to advocate the “Let’s Be Aware” banking awareness campaign introduced by the Central Bank of Kuwait, in cooperation with Kuwait Banking Association (KBA).

In this context, NBK focuses on increasing awareness about smartphone security and app safety providing key tips to be followed to avoid potential fraud. This is particularly crucial as smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives, with the majority of customers relying on mobile banking apps for their daily transactions.

NBK advised customers to refrain from storing sensitive information like ATM card number, PIN or any other private information. It also urged them to download updates regularly as they are vital to prevent fraud by addressing security vulnerabilities that may arise on smartphone operating systems.

The bank warned customers of downloading any apps from untrusted sources to avoid potential threats, advising them to check the reviews and ratings of these apps before downloading them, as well as using public Wi-Fi for downloading the apps to ensure the security of their devices and steer clear of any hacking attempts. NBK also advised customers to use strong and varied passwords for the smartphone and different apps and accounts installed on their devices, noting that password should contain upper- and lower-case letters, special characters and numbers, and to avoid using names, dates or common words that are easy to guess, as well as using the same password for all accounts.

NBK always warns customers of all types of fraud risks and the misleading methods followed by scammers, making consistent efforts towards educating customers, which is pivotal in its strategy. To this end, the bank always utilizes all communication channels to advise them to keep their passwords/PINs and financial/personal account information strictly confidential, and not to share them with any scammers impersonating bank employees.

NBK employs its strong customer communication capabilities as well as all its digital channels, which are the most popular among all Kuwaiti banks, to support the Central Bank’s endeavors to protect customers and the economy. It is worth mentioning that NBK is a key advocate and participant in all CBK’s campaigns and initiatives to increase financial and banking awareness among different segments of society. As a leading financial institution in Kuwait and across the region, it frequently organizes various activities to raise awareness on all topics related to the banking sector, as well as training courses in the areas of combating fraud and financial crime.

As a leading financial institution locally and regionally, NBK firmly observes its social responsibilities by actively supporting all strategic campaigns like the “Let’s Be Aware” campaign, which serve national economy and society.

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