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Kuwait Times, Sun, Jan 07, 2024 | Jamada Al-Aakhirah 25, 1445

Top NBK official shares experience during ‘TAMAKAN’ panel discussion

Kuwait: The inaugural session of the “TAMAKAN” training program was launched featuring executive management members from National Bank of Kuwait (NBK). The first panel discussion welcomed Faisal Al-Hamad, Chief Executive Officer - Global Wealth Management at National Bank of Kuwait. Al-Hamad shared his extensive experience spanning numerous years in the banking industry with the youth audience and engaged in an interactive session, responding to inquiries posed by program participants.

This panel discussion is part of the fifth edition of the “TAMAKAN” training program, designed to train young Kuwaiti graduates. Organized by “Creative Confidence” and sponsored by NBK, this program offers a unique chance for trainees to tap into the expertise of the bank’s executive management through discussion sessions. These open dialogues connect participants with NBK leaders boasting decades of extensive experience in the banking industry, providing invaluable insights to help them forge sustainably successful career paths.

Al-Hamad initiated the discussion by reflecting on the beginning of his career path. He said, “A specialized academic background isn’t a requisite to attain a particular position or ascend to the pinnacle of a career. What truly matters is commencing from any point, focusing on growth, creativity, innovation, swift learning, and leveraging experiences within your work milieu.”

Professional debut


At the outset of his career, Al-Hamad shared, “Following getting my degree from a university in the United States, I spent four years in asset management there. Subsequently, I pursued a master’s degree in business administration before transitioning to employment in Kuwait.”

“Upon joining NBK Capital in 2007, the team comprised of just 25 members. However, the corporate culture ingrained within an organization of NBK’s stature instilled in me a fervor for continuous growth and an unwavering commitment to learning. I’ve imbibed a culture that influences my work decisions, prompting me to derive value from every nugget of information or news I encounter,” Al-Hamad continued.

Al-Hamad reassured TAMAKAN youth that channeling resources into honing skills and nurturing capabilities through learning and training represents the most lucrative investment, continuously expanding and accumulating gains with each passing day. He emphasized that regardless of one’s career stage, there’s an ever-expanding pool of knowledge to tap into. Al-Hamad highlighted training as a golden opportunity for recent graduates, urging them to seize this chance, particularly at the outset of their careers.

Work environment

Al-Hamad delved into the significance of the work environment in fostering employee development, stating, “For anyone aspiring to forge a successful and sustainable career, finding an optimal work setting that fosters ongoing growth is paramount. The employee should harbor an innate passion for learning and maintain an inquisitive nature, constantly seeking to glean insights from those surrounding them.”

Al-Hamad pointed out that NBK stands among the select few institutions embodying this attribute. He highlighted the bank’s exceptional and distinctive work environment, akin to international standards. This distinction stems from NBK’s commitment to continuous learning, offering top-tier training courses in collaboration with prestigious educational institutions. These efforts aim to holistically develop employees’ skills, ensuring they carve out independent, promising, and sustainable careers.

He offered advice to the attending youth, urging them to avoid wasting time on matters beyond their control. Instead, he recommended that they channel their energy into enhancing their job performance. “Foster ambition and prioritize cultivating positive relationships with your colleagues. This approach ensures a tranquil and conducive work environment that nurtures creativity and innovation.”

Al-Hamad also underscored the importance of consistently acquiring new skills daily as the sole pathway toward personal advancement and reaching envisioned positions. He emphasized that resting is not a viable option, particularly amidst intensifying competition—both at individual and institutional levels. Every entity aims to draw in the necessary competencies and talents, seeking to distinguish itself from competitors. Hence, continuous skill development becomes imperative in this landscape.

Analytical thinking

Al-Hamad emphasized the importance of staying abreast of the latest reports and studies while maintaining an analytical and critical perspective. He said, “I possess an innate drive to seek new information daily, honing my analytical thinking through the demands of my profession. I don’t merely receive news passively; rather, I habitually analyze its potential impact on our business sector and decision-making processes.”

Job burnout

Addressing a participant’s question on job burnout, Al-Hamad highlighted, “Each employee should seek motivations that drive ongoing professional growth. Losing the zest for learning might hinder an employee’s ability to fulfill job demands and tasks, potentially leading to job burnout. This burnout can stem from the work environment or the place of work itself. Therefore, I consistently recommend seeking out the optimal work environment, which is precisely what NBK offers.”

“Job burnout often arises from sustained work pressures, leading to diminished motivation, exhaustion, reduced enjoyment in tasks, and a loss of confidence in one’s abilities. Hence, employees must continuously revitalize their engagement through various solutions. These may include taking vacations to alleviate work pressures, engaging in exercise, pursuing hobbies, or activities that bring joy, aiming to restore mental and physical vitality,” Al-Hamad explained.

Practical challenges

The “TAMAKAN” training program panel discussion proved to be a significant opportunity for recent graduates. It allowed them to hear directly from the CEO of Global Wealth Management at NBK Group, gaining insights into the work environment and strategies for success in their careers. Al-Hamad’s advice provided attendees with valuable insights to shape their future professional journeys. Al-Hamad highlighted the potential challenges awaiting new graduates in their professional journeys and offered guidance on overcoming them. He emphasized the significance of seeking assistance from colleagues and mentors when encountering obstacles. Additionally, he emphasized the value of maintaining an open mind and a readiness to continuously learn as essential strategies for navigating these challenges successfully.

It is worth mentioning that “TAMAKAN” received “The Social work Pioneer Project Award” from the GCC Council of Ministers of Social Affairs and Labor, recognizing it as an innovative training experience for Kuwaiti fresh graduates to achieve professional self-development in pursuit of emerging as active and efficient workforce.

Golden advice

Al-Hamad offered a series of advice to new graduates, emphasizing the importance of cultivating a strong work ethic and maintaining a professional demeanor in their careers. He also highlighted the significance of fostering positive relationships with colleagues, cultivating a constructive attitude, embracing adaptability in the face of change, and continuously seeking opportunities for learning and personal growth among other valuable tips for success in one’s career.

l Invest in honing your skills and developing your capabilities; it’s an investment with continually growing returns.

l Seek out an optimal work environment that fosters continuous development.

l Acquire new skills daily as the key pathway to progress.

l Concentrate on enhancing job performance, nurturing ambition, and fostering passion.

l Foster positive relationships with colleagues.

l Recognize that family understanding is pivotal for success in business.

l Rejuvenate mental and physical vitality through exercise or vacationing.

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