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Arab News, Thurs, Nov 23, 2023 | Jumada I 9, 1445

Cenomi Academy to train new generation of Saudi retail experts

Cenomi Retail has announced the launch of Cenomi Academy to support the new generation of retail sector experts in the Kingdom. The academy, having a capacity of more than 1,000 trainees, will enroll qualified young people in entry-level employment training programs, aiming to contribute to strengthening the retail sector by transferring international expertise to the local market.

Established in accordance with the best local and international standards in training, Cenomi Academy aims to develop the skills of national jobseekers and attach them to the retail sector. It has been launched in cooperation with prestigious international institutions, including the British City and Guilds Professional Accreditation Foundation and Cambridge International Education Assessment.

CEO of Cenomi Retail Dr. Gunther Helm said: “The academy was established under the directives of the company’s board of directors to work in tandem with Vision 2030 in enhancing the capabilities of young people and activating their role to be the new generation of retail experts in the Kingdom. What distinguishes the retail sector is the speed of its change and development.”

He added: “We extend our sincere thanks to the General Corporation for Technical and Vocational Training, the National Center for Strategic Partnerships, and the Human Resources Development Fund in Saudi Arabia, who contributed their expertise and support to the launch of the academy. We look forward to achieving the goals of the project, which will contribute to strengthening the Saudi retail sector.”

Director General of the National Center for Strategic Partnerships Matar Al-Enezi highlighted the importance of the partnership with Cenomi Retail, saying it comes within the framework of the center’s keenness to establish specialized academies and institutes providing qualitative training programs in various sectors, with the aim of creating job opportunities, which keep pace with the requirements of the labor market.

Headquartered in Riyadh, Cenomi Academy will provide classroom and on-the-job training that will enhance skills in a variety of specializations. Its innovative methodology focuses on interactive training methods, designed to facilitate the acquisition of skills and information in a supportive and participatory environment.

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