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Kuwait Times, Saturday, Oct 17, 2020 | Safar 30, 1442

Key to finding job in times of uncertainties: keep applying

Kuwait: People are losing their jobs during these extraordinary circumstances that have shown everyone is dispensable. The once stable job is no longer dependable, but people are optimistic and are trying their best to survive. Gretel Trinidad, a human resource expert, says there is no harm in trying and getting things done. “Experiment with something new – do not be afraid,” she said. “Apply for a job related to services at hospitals and or food-related businesses – these are the strongest sectors nowadays.”

Many economists are predicting a recession, but it is better to keep applying and sending resumes to companies, even in times of uncertainties like the present time. “Many companies have stopped hiring, but bear in mind that they might always need one or two workers. If there’s no CV to be found on their files, they will hire somebody else and you’ll miss the opportunity,” Trinidad told Kuwait Times.

“So my advice is if you are planning to change your job or look for a new one, send your CV to several companies, so the moment they need employees, you’ll be just within reach. The immediate reaction of bosses when they need staff is to hire those whose CVs are already filed. If they call you and you are qualified for the position, you will be at a great advantage and will most likely be hired. So do not stop sending your CV, and be ready to be called any time,” Trinidad said.

The job market is very fickle. “My advice to employees is to keep your job and do what is right for the company you are in today. Bear in mind that companies nowadays are in a wait-and-watch mode. There is no job security – we may have a job today, but tomorrow the company can tell us we are no longer required. So be prepared for any eventuality,” she said.

Trinidad, who is a local recruiter in Kuwait for the past five years, said people should try to maintain and build a good network online. “The trend now is online. Whatever you do, it’s always good to be online. It may be a good to start building a network, which will eventually help you in the event you are terminated. You will not need to worry about being fired because you already have a good fallback plan. Be prepared for a home-based job too as this will be the name of the game in the coming years,” she said.

Trinidad said companies are searching for individuals who can help them get back on track. “Companies are looking for someone who can help them grow. If you have words in your CV that are not very encouraging, maybe you will not be hired. Do not say ‘you need help’, rather how ‘you can help’ the company,” she explained.

According to Trinidad, it is also wise for applicants to know the health protocols and precautionary measures being implemented by the government or companies against COVID-19. “It is likely that the company owner or HR manager will ask questions related to the pandemic, so be prepared to answer queries about the virus. I advise jobseekers to read and stay informed,” she pointed out. “You’ll be more competent if you boost your skills and knowhow – your salary will depend on your abilities,” Trinidad concluded.

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