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Arab News, Thursday Aug 9, 2018 | Zul Qaadah 27, 1439

Taif health office starts program to serve pilgrims

TAIF: The Department of Health Affairs in Taif has launched programs to advise and educate local and foreign pilgrims who arrived by land and air in Taif. The Director of the Department of Clinical Education at Taif Health Affairs, Turki Deghreiri, said he had been told to activate the “Health Ambassadors” program to educate pilgrims. “We have already begun by educating pilgrims coming on international flights at Taif Regional Airport from both Dubai and Cairo,” he said. Health instructors have so far managed to advise and educate 1,442 pilgrims by holding 59 group lectures, in addition to 1,442 on health matters individual lectures.

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