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Abu Dhabi to have special labour court
A special court to handle all labour cases and disputes up to the appeal stage will be established in Abu Dhabi, it was announced on Tuesday.
Sheikh Khalifa issues two new decrees
The President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, has issued a Federal Decree appointing Ahmed bin Ali Mohammed Al Sayegh as Minister of State
Saudi Justice Ministry conducts 600 inspection tours of law offices to combat money laundering
Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Justice said the General Directorate of Law has carried out inspection tours of more than 600 law offices in the Kingdom this year
Saudi Justice Ministry: Over 52,000 cases taken up after office hours
The Justice Ministry said 52,482 proceedings were conducted outside official working hours
Does your office keep your passport in UAE? Here's the law
An employer cannot ask its employee to hand over the passport to keep in their custody without the employee's written consent.
Man gets jail, Dh100,000 fine for forgery in Dubai
A Pakistani man, who fraudulently availed of Dh129,375 worth of telecom provider services, has been sentenced in absentia to three years in jail by a Dubai court.
You can be fired for taking unauthorised leaves in UAE
I work on an unlimited contract in a Dubai-based company. Currently, I am in India on an emergency leave
90-day notice must to end rent contract in UAE
My tenancy contract will end soon. Currently, I am paying a rent of Dh72,000 per year
What to do if your UAE visa expires while serving notice period?
I am working for a company on an unlimited contract and recently submitted my resignation
Can you return to UAE once you are deported?
I was deported from the UAE for absconding from my employer
What you should know about evicting tenants in UAE
I want to find out what it takes to evict a tenant not renewing a contract and subletting my apartment
Saudi envoy slams Houthis for violating international law
The recruitment of children as fighters by Iran-backed Houthi militias in Yemen
Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Justice grants 12 women ‘verification’ license
The Ministry of Justice has revealed that 12 women have been granted “verification” licenses
Dubai Public Persecutor closes the case of alleged rape of British woman
The office of Dubai Public Prosecutor has closed the case involving the alleged rape of British national ZJM following careful examination of all evidence.
Dubai Police cracks Dh800,000 cybercrime
Cybercrime on the rise, with H1 2016 seeing Dubai Police record 1,072 potential attacks
Dubai IT firm official guilty of Dh20m fraud
Dispute between the two companies arose after the manager of the IT company defrauded the government entity
UAE committed to protecting workers' rights: Minister of Labour
Ministry is implementing laws and conducting campaigns
UAE acquits 2 Libyans, US and Canadian
Announces verdict ranging from acquittal to life imprisonment to 23 defendants
Mohammed issues law on Dubai Government Financial Regulation
Law is applicable to all government entities
Questions about UAE law? Now an app to help you
In this digital age, you no longer need to go through dozens of legal books to understand a particular law or constitutional amendment nor do you have to consult a lawyer to figure out details about any legal provisions
New UAE labour law for terminating employees, new contracts
Law to be enforced in 2016; Aims to regulate relations between employers and workers
Voting for FNC will begin today
UAE embassies, diplomatic missions ready to receive voters
Arrest of reckless Emirati motorist on European vacation ordered
‘UAE law applicable if accused does not stand trial in host country’
Illegal connections lead to power failure in Sharjah
Sharjah: Power supply was disrupted in several parts of Sharjah, forcing schools to send students and staff home early on Wednesday.
Dubai Court rejects Dh1 million case against staffer who joined rival firm
Dubai Court of Cassation rejected an appeal filed by a company against its former employee demanding million dirhams in compensation for breaching contract rules
New UAE pension law? Media reports not true, says authority
The proposed amendments serve public interest and can deliver many positive benefits to the subscribers: GPSSA.
UAE insurance firms get one year to regularise positionsUAE insurance firms get one year to regularise positions
The provisions of Article 25 of Federal Law No. 06 of 2007 concerning the Establishment of the Insurance Authority and Regulation of Insurance Business, stipulate that it is not permissible to combine insurance of persons and fund accumulation operations and property and liability insurance operations
UAE cybercrimes law
The UAE Federal Law No 5 of 2012 covers almost all crimes in the Penal Code and other UAE laws if the crime is committed through the use of the internet or any other high-tech means and further toughens the penalties as stated in these laws.
Terror group trial in UAE adjourned to September 28 for defendants to retain lawyers
Abu Dhabi: The trial of a group of 41 suspects, including 39 Emiratis, a citizen of Comoros Islands and a Syrian, charged with plotting to overthrow the Government and establish a Daesh-style caliphate state, began at the state security division of the Federal Supreme Court on Monday.
Dubai court refuses jailed former Leeds Utd boss' application to release frozen funds
In a ruling by the DIFC Courts,issued on the eve Haigh’s criminal case at the Court of Misdemeanours,Justice Sir David Steel refused the application to release funds covered by the freezing order.
UAE issues new law to encourage public, private partnerships
The UAE has issued a new law to encourage more partnerships between the public and private sectors on projects in the country.
Court cuts term from 4 years to 3 months
An Abu Dhabi Court of Appeals slashed the prison sentence against an expatriate man convicted of raping a little boy from four years to three months.
Dubai Court backs employee for gratuity of Dh312,500
An employee has the right to the end-of-service benefits despite what employment contracts exist between him and the company, the Dubai Court of Cassation has stated in a new legal principle.
Dh20,000 salary must to sponsor parents in UAE
Expatriates earning less than Dh20,000 salary will not be able to sponsor their parents
Legal View: Police report needed for lost passport
I work in a real estate company in Sharjah which is run
Call to enforce UAE law against exotic animal trade
A strict federal UAE law needs to be put in place in order to enforce a united
Federal National Council to set up ad-hoc panels, review laws
Shaikh Mohammed to open third ordinary session of the 15th Legislative Chapter on Monday
Federal National Council to set up ad-hoc panels, review laws
Shaikh Mohammed to open third ordinary session of the 15th Legislative
FNC debates commercial fraud bill
A bill to fight commercial fraud is under debate by an FNC sub-committee
FNC wants tougher laws against sorcery
Lawyers and a member of the Federal National Council have said a 1983 law that considers sorcerers
Wadeema’s Law aims at protecting all children in the UAE
Eight-year-old Wadeema was tortured and murdered, her body abandoned in the desert
UAE judges get trained on finance and bankruptcy law
Four judges recently received training in Washington on financial restructuring
UAE Supreme Court judges reflect on 40 years of development
Union Supreme Court judges and officials reflected on developments over the past several decades
President appoints 6 judges
The President, His Highness Shaikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, has issued a Federal Decree appointing six new judges
Resignation notice the best option even during probationary period
I have only just got a job in Dubai — not in a free zone — and have been there just two weeks
Federal Supreme Court plans to hire female Emirati judges
In light of its approaching 40th anniversary, the Federal Supreme Court (FSC) has highlighted its eagerness
Umm Al Quwain Ruler issues law for e-Government
His Highness Sheikh Saud Bin Rashid Al Mu’alla, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Umm Al Quwain, has issued the local law
Training course on commercial arbitration concludes
Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC), an initiative of Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Dubai salons fined for health and safety violations
Salons and hairdressers in the emirate have accrued fines totalling Dh182,500 through 245 health and safety violations
Mohammed issues decree for e-licensing of events
His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, has issued
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