Cabinet of Ministers Decree No. (259) dated on Sha'ban 12, 1433 A.H. On approving Finance Companies Control System

Companies subject to Finance Companies Control and Property Finance System shall achieve concordance with Article (Three) of Finance companies Control System

Decree No. (261) dated: 12/8/1433 H- Approving the Execution/Enforcement Law

Allocate one or more enforcement district in the public courts in major cities and provinces, to execute the decrees or orders issued by the committees with quasi-judicial jurisdiction. According to Enforcement Law

Executive Regulations of Credit Information System Issued by a Royal Decree No. M/37 dated on Rajab 5, 1429 H.J.

The following expressions and phrases shall, wherever mentioned in the present regulations, mean the meanings specified before each, unless context otherwise specifies: System: Credit Information System issued by Royal Decree No. (M/37) dated on Rajab 5, 1429 H.J.

Rules and procedures to deal with delay in the implementation of governmental projects

Advance payment for construction projects contractors – stipulated in decree of Saudi Council of Ministers No (23) and the date Muharam 17, 1428 A. H.- shall be (20%) twenty percent of the value of contract in accordance with the period mentioned

Decree of Council of Ministers No. 155 and the date Jumada al-Thani 5, 1429 A. H.

After reviewing the ministerial decree No (3457 / r e) and the date Rabī’ al-Thānī 21, 1429 A. H. including the telegram of His Royal Highness Minister of Municipal

A complementary decision No. 8/99/T dated 5/6/1408(H)

We refer to the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 30 of 19/2/1408 circulated telegraphically under No. 3 / b / 3270 dated 27/2/1408

Capital Market Law